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Alligator Cheesecake, You Say?

Roux 61 Seafood and Grill is just a fun place to be! The place is always packed and the quirky-cool atmosphere can’t be denied. When you walk in, you will surely feel comfortable here. Each section of the restaurant has it’s own personality and you can be entertained merely by the “artwork” on the walls. Mounted fish and turkey feathers, a huge illuminated oyster sign, oars and shutters – it all screams Louisiana. They’re known for their huge portions and amazing, fresh seafood. One of their signature appetizers, the Shrimp and Alligator Sausage Cheesecake, is so rich and unique, it has to be talked about in homes across the south!

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Roux 61 started in 2011 in Natchez, MS with two brothers, Jason and Brian Lees. They both have huge talent in the kitchen and a passion for bold Southern flavors and they wanted to share it with the world! Now they’ve expanded to Baton Rouge and have quickly become a regional culinary treasure. People travel across state lines to experience “what everyone has been raving about.” On any given night you can find a curious traveller stopping in at either location to enjoy the soul-soothing deliciousness that takes each dish from good to “good lawd,” as the Roux Crew likes to say.

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Roux 61 also prides themselves on their bar. Monday through Friday they offer a Happy Hour from 4-6 with half off all drinks. They have 20 beers on tap, most of which are local to the area. All of their in house syrups are made with Louisiana cane sugar, and they create their own infused vodka with peppers, garlic, onion, lemon and peppercorns. Even their ice is special. They use extra large ice squares, which melt slowly, keeping drinks extra cold without diluting them.

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Absolutely nothing is half-done at Roux 61. They use only fresh, quality ingredients in their dishes and strive to provide quality customer service to each guest they serve. If you haven’t tried Roux 61 yet, you should soon! Stop by on a Tuesday and indulge in 50-cent oysters on the half shell all day! Enjoy!


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