Hooked on Re:

Re: now offers their beloved dressing in growlers!
Re: now offers their beloved dressing in growlers!

Re:Imagine what your weeknight dinner could taste like. Re:Connect over a good meal with old friends. Re:Invent your boring go-to dinner. That’s exactly what life-long best friends, Sarah and Kristen, have done! Natives of Baton Rouge, these ladies have grown up immersed in each other’s lives. From playing sports together in middle school, to traveling the US, they have been by each other’s side through thick and thin.

Re: was born out of a love of friends, food, and fresh ingredients. And since most gatherings in Baton Rouge center around sharing a meal with friends and family, Sarah and Kristen know the kitchen is a place to be creative and re:invent favorite dishes. They currently have two flavors available. The one that started it all, Garlicky Vinaigrette, is versatile enough to compliment anything you serve. It is simple, fresh, and delicious! Their latest option is their Greek Vinaigrette and it is quickly becoming a fan favorite!

Re: is currently producing their beloved dressings in the kitchen incubator on the campus of LSU. You can find it online or at retail stores in the Baton Rouge area! 


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